une compréhension du chat


l’origine du chat—that is, how this whole idea became just that, an idea.

this would have to start with my father.

my father was making jewelry long before i was, and a lot of the shapes and forms in my jewelry come from the memories i have of his work.

when i was a child, he would let me watch him work, or at least, he wouldn’t disallow it. on occasion, he would also set me aside with some wire, or some beads, and some twine, and allow me to fumble around with them.

this is where my jewelry began.

over the years, i developed this small skill a bit more, and, in college, understood the full lengths i was willing to go to to make this idea of a hobby into and actual, marketable skill.

in college, however, i was too busy to actualize on these desires. and so i waited.

i am now done with college and have the time and freedom to bring this idea to life.


les variations de l’art—or rather, the different types of jewelry that i will make for you.

while i would love to make every whim and fancy of mine into a beautiful piece of art, there has to be a practical side to this due to the limits of time, at the very least.

that is to say, i currently make and sell several different types of jewelry, which are broken down into several categories: earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets. sometimes i make ornaments and will add those to this site as i gather a new inventory.

each category has its own page on this site, and on the front page of the site i have various articles of interest.

oh, and back to le chat de la mer

le chat de la mer, for the cat who looks to the sea in search of youth and adventure, is a site that chooses to embrace those passions that often do not fit in with the fast-paced world of today.