note to the wearer

notes for the wearer: 

when you are wearing my jewelry, you are carrying a bit of my heart and soul with you because of the care i put into making each and every item you see here.

my jewelry is handmade, and by that i mean it’s not uniform or mass-produced or 100% the same all the time.

…there are subtleties and variations in the pieces that i make again and again (such as the ‘le chat’ earrings and necklace, and the various hoop earrings and swirl/curl/wave rings i make). these subtleties may be in the way the metal is bent and hammered or coiled, or in the beads i’ve chosen or in the metal itself from one piece to another. sometimes it’s even the weather.

also, i appreciate it when people treat my jewelry as something a little bit special—while not fragile, thoughtful care is appreciated.

also note, the metals i use become brighter and more beautiful with wear, so wear and enjoy your art often.

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