rings and bracelets

photo by david lebow, model: dottie chaudoin


rings and bracelets –

rings and bracelets propose a challenge due to variation in sizes. so what you find here is a variety of sizes and styles. it’s an as-is collection.

some of my rings are adjustable and will say as much in the description/name. i have ring sizes listed where available.

my bracelets are definitely a growing collection that you will see more of in time.

as with my necklaces and earrings, each item is handmade with care and is meant to compliment  and enhance the wearer.


here’s how to make a purchase:

  1. click the “to purchase” link below the item(s) you want.
  2. provide the exact name of the item(s) you are purchasing.
  3. after payment, i will mail your purchase(s) to you. there is no additional charge for this unless you live outside of the u.s.

thank you!



to purchase ‘red twist’ ring, click here. $25. 

to purchase ‘green eye’ ring, click here. $25. 

to purchase ‘tiny lavender’ ring, click here. $25. 


silver wave rings. $25 each. 

to purchase, click on the link below the gallery. indicate which ring you would like.

to purchase any ‘silver wave’ ring, click here. $25 each.  please indicate which ‘silver wave’ ring you want.